The Salisubury – Electro-Acoustic Concert Harp


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This harp features all the legendary attributes that you would expect from Pilgrims original harps but with the addition of a special new pick-up system. This system retains the full integrity of tone and evenness throughout the range. Convenient to use, it can provide anything from a little sound enhancement to full volume amplification.

A concert harp with a modern twist. The pillar has an elegant, stylish, smooth shape and is embellished with graceful spiral flutes. The Salisbury incorporates all the essential features found in the Canterbury. Both harps harness modern technology with traditional techniques and craftsmanship. The main constructional glue we use has titanic strength (it’s the same glue used in the London Eye).
The Salisbury, like the Canterbury, is famed for the stability of its tuning. Uniquely, the soundbox ribs we use are cast from bell metal. Carbon fibre is carefully used in the key areas to ensure great strength and reliability, yet intense responsiveness. The gold-plated mechanism contains almost 2,000 internal moving parts; precision engineering ensures it is built to be accurate, reliable and fully adjustable.


  • Strings: 47
  • Range: Top G – 7th C
  • Height: 184cm, 72in
  • Extreme Width: 99cm, 39in
  • Soundboard Width: 56cm, 22in
  • Weight: 40kg, 88lbs
  • Gold plated mechanics
  • With Straight or Extended Soundboard
  • 1st service free at our workshop
  • ​Custom decoration and finishes offered
  • 5 yr. structural & mechanical guarantee
  • Padded & lined, soft outer covers also available
  • Electro-Acoustic Edition

We have a collection of Pilgrim Harps available in store. However, most specifications and models must be made to order.

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