Regal Tip Fatty Thai Grip Sticks (Pair)


The Regal Tip finish stands proud, a finish venerated by drummers. Our unique three-step lacquer finishing process was developed years ago in our factory and remains the only finish of its kind on the market today. It offers an instantly recognizable, silky smooth feel that amazingly resists slippage! The final step in our process coats the stick with a lacquer that was formulated specifically for our drumsticks. It is the only finish that will get slightly tacky as your hands heat up, making Regal Tip the best gripping stick in the world! At Regal Tip we take our commitment to quality very seriously. You could say that we invented quality drumsticks! Although many have tried to imitate, there will always be only one Regal Tip drumstick and it is still made in our own factory run by the Calato family. All of our products are designed by an in-house team made up of our own engineers and employees, many who are drummers themselves, along with the industry’s best consultants. We will continue to work hard to produce the best products possible.


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  • American birch dowel
  • Vacuum formed sleeve
  • Comfort and durability
  • Regal tip is a family operation that has set the global standard for hand-crafted brushes and drumsticks for over 50 years

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