Pearl F525E Flute With FORZA Headjoint: Silver Lipplate & Riser



Pearl F525E Flute With FORZA Headjoint: Silver Lipplate & Riser

The Pearl F525E  Flute Forza from the Quantz series embodies ingenuity, innovation and diversity, and is totally unique in the flute making industry. Open keys require a more accurate finger technique, which will benefit the precision of flute playing. Aspiring flautists have never been so fortunate.

Every Quantz model has French pointed arms. Once considered solely the domain of handmade flutes, it is now universally provided by Pearl. Our patented Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction are also present throughout the range. This ingenious yet simple design affords even the student or amateur flautist with an exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism – another industry first.

The 525 model in the Quantz series is the basic model with silver lip-plate. The design of this versatile basic model enables beginning flute players to concentrate on the essentials of flute playing and enjoy the advantages of the .925 sterling silver lip-plate. In this way playing the flute is always great fun!

The flutes in the 525-series are made from nickel silver, all of them are silver plated, giving the flute its shine and at the same time protecting the material from corrosion. Quantz flutes are provided with French pointed arms as well, both increasing the stability and enhancing the quality of the mechanism, a unique feature amongst student flutes.

F525E Pearl Flute: Forza Headjoint:  – E-mech. – Offset G – Silver Lip Plate