Nuvo JSax 2 Black Blue Trim


Nuvo JSax 2 Black With Blue Trim

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Nuvo JSax 2 Black Blue Trim

Nuvo JSax 2 Black Blue Trim. Revolutionising the beginner woodwind market, Nuvo have created a fleet of instruments perfect for beginners in every way. Made from a combination of durable plastic and silicone, each instrument is ultra-lightweight and couldn’t be easier to clean – simply rinse or bathe with soapy water, dry thoroughly and they’re good to go!

The jSax has a traditional fingering system and serves to enable newcomers to develop embouchure and tuning skills which will be directly transferable to a full-size saxophone. The tone is surprisingly mellow, and therefore this instrument offers a lot of fun for both newcomers and established amateur saxophonists.

Following in the tradition established with other Nuvo instruments, the jSax is pitched in C (concert pitch). This makes integration into classroom music making very easy and means that the jSax is also compatible with all WindStars music. The instrument has a fully chromatic range from middle C (C4) to G in the next octave up (G5).

  • Pitched in C (concert pitch)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns
  • Now fitted with a new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand
  • 5 position adjustable thumb rest
  • Supplied with 2x Nuvo synthetic reeds, open hole key plugs, jSax fingering chart, grease and case

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Dimensions 40 × 17 × 11 cm