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36 Etudes Transcendantes for trumpet or cornet by Théo Charlier (1868-1944) is a study book for advanced level Trumpet players using a chromatic trumpet in B flat. It can also be used by Cornet or Flugelhorn players. Written with some very technical parts, 36 Études Transcendantes prepares the Trumpet players with challenges through all registers while involving some interesting lyrical parts. It is a must have for any advanced Trumpet players and a classic in the Trumpet literature. Théo Charlier was a Belgium Trumpet Master, who differentiates himself by preferring the sound of Trumpet to those of the Cornet or the Flugelhorn during a period which was more used to military music. He was the first to interpret Bach’s 2nd Brandenbourg Concerto in its full in 1898, with a tailor-made piccolo-Trumpet Victor Mahillon. In addition to 36 Études Transcendantes , he also composed some contest pieces and some operas.