Back to School Instruments

Showing 1–25 of 35 results

Showing 1–25 of 35 results

Our range for beginner back to school instruments or wishing to upgrade includes brands such as: Yamaha, Jupiter, Odyssey, Trevor James, John Packer, Antoni, Stentor and many more.

Choosing the right instrument whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player can be difficult, but we strive to find the best we can to fit any part of your musical path.

For a beginner it is essential that they play on an instrument that promotes fast progression and keeps them motivated. We have complete faith in all instruments sold at Pencerdd Music for quality and value for money. A sub standard instrument often ends up with the learner becoming frustrated. If they struggle progressing they just assume it is them, when it is actually the failings of the instrument.

Purchasing cheap instruments can be a complete lottery and false economy with substandard materials and workmanship. What is initially seen as a bargain can more often than not become a hindrance.