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Beginner Guitar Guide – Choosing Your First Guitar

Deciding to learn and play the Guitar is the beginning of an exciting new adventure full of possibilities. However, in a world full of seemingly never-ending options and minimal knowledge you may feel a little bit lost as to where you should begin. This is where we can help you with our useful beginner guitar guide! Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or for someone else, our aim is to guide you in the right direction and provide you with the best suitable new guitar to start your musical journey. 

Step 1 – What Style of Guitar Do You Want to Learn?

Classical Guitars

A popular Nylon string choice for younger beginner Guitarists. The classical guitar has a softer sound and is a less demanding instrument to learn with the fingers. The design and sound is used in a variety of music, although is made popular through Classical and Spanish based music.

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Acoustic Guitars

Steel string acoustic guitars are brighter sounding and louder in comparison to classical guitars. Available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and features, you have a variety of choice for your first beginner acoustic instrument. Steel strings are slightly tougher on the fingers for beginners and are preferred by adult players. Classical and Acoustic Guitars are also available as Electro-Acoustic models. This means the guitar can be connected to an amplifier via the built-in pre-amp. Here are the types of Acoustic guitars you can find;

Parlour Style Guitars – A smaller and thinner design suitable for all, but helpful for younger players and comfortable for seated performers. Less projection of sound due to its size but rich in mid-range tones.

Auditorium Style Guitars – The medium sized acoustic guitar suitable for beginner or advanced players, with balanced tonal qualities and comfortable playability. Great for solo playing and fingerstyle!

Dreadnought Style Guitars – The most recognisable acoustic guitar boasting a larger body, full range of tonal capabilities and greater projection of sound suitable for any player.

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Electric Guitars

A perfect instrument choice for any aspiring shredder! Electric guitars have a number of unique designs and features to look out for, including the S-Type design, the T-type design and the single cut design. Each model includes unique qualities that makes each particular instrument stand out. Electric Guitars are also available in mini and full size to accommodate players of all ages and abilities.

S-Type Electric Guitars – A popular choice for many beginner musicians due to its comfortable shape and size as well as its versatility in sound and style. Made notable with the 3 single coil pickup configuration and bolt on neck.

T – Type Electric Guitars – A classic design traditionally used for rock and country music with its solid comfortable shape and bright punchy tone.

Single Cut Electric Guitars – Another iconic design built with a solid body and single cut away, this type of guitar offers big tone and ease of playability. Although slightly heavier than other designs, its shape and size is comfortable and well balanced. The sound of the single cut guitar can be used for multiple genres of music, including anything from Pop to Metal!

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Decide on your budget from the get go then check out the full range of instruments available within your price range. The important thing to remember here is that you are buying your first guitar, so breaking the bank isn’t necessarily essential for everyone, yet we recommend that you avoid the “Can’t believe it ultra-low budget bargain super market bought” guitar.

Extremely low budget guitars tend to include poor build and performance qualities that can make practice and playability extremely difficult. The aim is to find the right beginner guitar for you, within a reasonable budget that feels, plays and looks good. Our recommended budget for beginner guitars would be from £100 up to £250. This allows for a well built and playable beginner instrument that will last.


Every guitar feels different to each individual player. This is why we recommend to try the new guitar and get a feel for the design and sound quality before making a decision. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when looking for your beginner guitar such as the weight, dimensions, sound quality, construction materials etc. All of this and more can also be discussed with our trained and experienced staff members in store.


Going beyond the purchase of your first guitar, you may be thinking of any additional accessories that would be useful and essential for your instrument. Here is a list of items that you may need to help you begin;