Online Teachers

As music teachers begin to move their lessons online and try to adapt as best they can in these testing times, we have been thinking of ways that we can best help and support them.

It is also our goal to enable people that are stuck at home the chance to reach out to a tutor and learn something new!

This page contains a list of online teachers offering tuition for many different instruments. As normal we won’t be recommending anyone over anyone else, we’re completely impartial here. We would advise, however, that you have a look and contact a few of the tutors on the list. Have a conversation with them and get a better idea if you will have that perfect match! It does go without saying however, that you MUST check the teachers credentials and ideally their DBS status. We are unable to screen any teachers included in this list.

Teachers, if you would like to be included on the list please send over your name, email, website (if you have one) and instrument group taught (Woodwind, Piano, Brass etc.) to

In order to fully support teachers who have literally lost most if not all their income streams overnight, please could we ask that only existing experienced teachers send us their details. We all need to pull together and get behind those who need it most.

Here’s the links:

Piano Online Teachers

String Online Teachers

Woodwind Online Teachers

Brass Online Teachers

Guitar Online Teachers

Harp Online Teachers

Drums & Percussion Online Teachers

Other Instruments Online Teachers

Theory & Aural Online Teachers