Brass Repairs

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We service and repair Brass Instruments

At Penarth Music Centre we service and repair brass instruments on site in our fully equipped workshop. All of our repair work is carried out by Phil Jarvis of Top Brass Repairs, a professional member of the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers. Phil also spent many years as a professional musician and has a real passion for his craft. Everything from removing a stuck mouthpiece or tuning slide, dent removal or soldering is completed with the utmost attention and skill. Quality full instrument services are also a speciality.

A Quality Restoration of an Old Blessing Cornet

The first image is before the restoration. The second shows the Cornet back to a wonderful ‘as new’ condition and plays beautifully

service and repair brass instruments Pencerdd Music Store Penarth near Cardiff


Free Consultation

As each job is unique to the needs of a particular instrument we don’t really have a set price list. However you can obtain a free consultation and quote on anything that may need attention on your instrument. Be assured that no work will be carried out without your full agreement. As Phil is able to service and repair brass instruments on site it can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done.

You are more than welcome to bring your instrument into the store during opening hours. We are always happy to see you and can offer all the friendly and helpful advise that you are looking for.

If you are unable to make it into Penarth then just give us a call.

Phone us on  029 20709982  or drop us a line at  and we will be happy to discuss your queries with you

 Guide Price List

Please bear in mind that these are guide prices only. As the work required for each individual Brass instrument can vary widely, please get in touch for a very competitive quote.

Brass Instrument Repair Price Guide


Service includes – complete strip down, Ultrasonic clean and internal de-scale*, rebuild, lubricate and polish.

Trumpet to Tenor Horn       From   £95.00

Baritone to Euphonium        From   £115.00

Trombone (inc slide alignment check)       From   £100.00

Trombone Single rotor (inc slide alignment check)          From   £100.00

Trombone double rotor (inc slide alignment check)        From   £115.00

French Horn 3 valve From   £110.00

French Horn 4 valve From   £125.00

Servicing – assuming no stuck tuning slides or valves. Repairs such as dent removal or other damage is not included.

*Instruments containing red rot or unstable soldering cannot be put into the ultrasonic cleaner


Stuck Tuning Slides

Without unsoldering            From   £15.00

Including unsoldering and rebuild from    £30.00

Stuck Mouthpiece removal 

All sizes                       £5.00

Dent Work

Bell and other accessible areas       From   £15.00

Trombone Outer Slide          From   £20.00

All other work                        POA

Valve Work

Sticky Piston Valves – per valve      From   £15.00

Rotary Valve service inc Thayer – per valve          From   £30.00

NB: This price list is a guide only. As each repair is slightly different prices can vary.

However our prices are very competitive and we can give an estimate when we see the instrument.

Prices are charged at £30.00 per hour