Rental Scheme for School learners

We firmly believe that it is very important when someone begins to learn a new instrument that it is of good quality and easy to play. All instruments sold and rented in Penarth Music Centre have been carefully selected with this in mind after many consultations with local teachers and musicians.

Designed specifically for school children our rental Scheme gives them the chance to try an instrument and get through the first term of school learning without the commitment of purchasing an instrument. Once you are confident they will continue then we have lots of special deals to help you purchase the right instrument for your child.

It is a false economy to buy cheaper instruments as they are usually made with low quality materials and components, making it hard to play and progress, the learner just assumes that because they are finding it hard to play it is them, where in fact it is more than likely the poor quality of the instrument holding them back.

We currently have 2 options to help support you through the first few months of learning an instrument, at a very moderate cost.

Both simple options are for a minimum of 3 months, and you can return the instrument at any time. At the end of the initial 3 months you have a choice:

Option 1.

Continue to rent the instrument at the monthly rate by direct debit. If you decide to purchase or upgrade the instrument we will take 50% of completed rental payments from month 4, to a maximum of 6 months. The initial 3 months rental is not deducted from the price of the instrument.

Option 2.

Purchase the instrument outright at the end of the initial 3 months (and before the next monthly payment) and we will deduct the initial 3 months rental payment off the purchase price of the instrument.

Please refer to item 15 in the rental terms and conditions.

Instruments can be either new or ex-rental, serviced and in full working order and subject to availability.

Example Instrument Rental Prices 2021-2022

Instrument Initial 3 Months Monthly direct debit
Flute 45.00 15.00
Clarinet 45 15
Alto Saxophone 60 20
Violin 37.50 12.50
Trumpet/Cornet 45 15
Trombone 45 15

Please contact us for availability of instruments. We may be able to help with instruments not on this list, so please do get in touch.